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BT and OneWeb Develop A Rural Broadband Solution

BT and OneWeb Develop A Rural Broadband Solution

Rural Broadband Solution

BT and OneWeb are developing a low-orbiting satellite functionality for a multitude of services. Other companies are noticing a rural broadband solution.

Telecoms have been developing a variety of rural broadband solutions to bridge the digital divide. BT Mobile, a United Kingdom Mobile Virtual Network Provider, is partnering with OneWeb, a global communications company, are partnering together to provide internet across the UK, its remote areas, and more.

A Rural Broadband Solution

This rural broadband solution has two key components, a fiber connection, and a satellite connection.

BT’s fixed-line subsidiary, Openreach, is expanding its fiber reach across the UK cheaper and faster than it had originally planned. Openreach’s initial goal was to reach 20 million houses by 2026. The new adjusted goal has increased to 25 million homes within 5 years. While these efforts are focused on the ground, OneWeb has taken to the skies.

On Jul 1st, 2021, OneWeb is planning to launch 36 satellites to provide low-orbiting connectivity to destinations across the globe above 50 degrees latitude. 

OneWebb’s CEO, Neil Masterson, stated “This partnership is a huge sign of progress in the resilience and advancement of the overall telecom infrastructure in the UK. OneWeb’s network will be a vital means for bridging the last digital divides across the network and we are excited to be part of the solution with BT to expand the nation’s digital infrastructure.

This launch of satellites, in conjunction with BT’s Openreach efforts, are providing a rural broadband solution.

Global Connection

While BT is focused on the United Kingdom, OneWeb will be serving half the globe. While companies have supported low orbiting satellite solutions for a few years now, the industry can expect to experience continuous growth as more contenders join the race to provide connectivity from space.

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Written by: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen