Are You Searching for a Fiber Optic Database You Can Trust?

Fiber optic databaseGeoTel’s fiber-optic database was created nearly twenty years ago and continues to grow daily.

The Internet of Things and the 5G race have created a world that is reliant on connectivity. It is becoming a necessity to have the best internet speeds and to know the fiber landscape to develop or pursue opportunities. However, finding an in-depth and accurate fiber optic database can be somewhat challenging for companies.

The Best Fiber Optic Database

Finding the best fiber maps and fiber databases depends on various factors – depth, quality, quantity, and accuracy.

  • The depth of a database depends on how many fiber carriers or providers the data holds.
  • The quality of a database depends on how close to the actual fiber landscape it is.
  • The quantity of a database depends on how many fiber routes are available for each carrier.
  • The accuracy of a database depends on how accurate the actual fiber route is with the variations of carriers applied.

These factors all contribute to a fiber optic database. It is essential to have fiber data you can rely on. Fortunately, GeoTel Communications offers these databases and can produce the best type of fiber maps.

GeoTel’s Fiber Database

GeoTel’s database was started nearly twenty years ago and continues to grow and be checked for quality daily. You can depend on this fiber database. The GeoTel fiber database is home to over 7,200 global network providers. It goes through the highest quality checks and contains over 4 million carrier fiber routes with some of the most accurate routes available.

The data is captured with various proprietary methods. One of these methods includes street view via drone for the highest spatial accuracy. Ensuring data is accurate in real-time either by drone or by foot is one of the safest ways to ensure the depth, quality, quantity, and accuracy of a database.

If your organization needs a reliable fiber database, then contact the experts at GeoTel today!

Author: The Experts at GeoTel