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Submarine Cable Industry Looks Promising for 2025

Submarine Cable Industry Looks Promising for 2025

Submarine Cable IndustryIn these unprecedented times, it is hard to pinpoint the industries that are thriving. One of those industries is the submarine cable industry.

Residents worldwide are experiencing quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more individuals are relying on the world wide web to communicate which is causing a surge in demand for global bandwidth. In addition to the sudden surge in demand, rural areas have been seeking better connectivity for years and the main way to reach remote islands is with submarine cables. These factors are setting the stage for a very successful submarine cable industry for the next few years.

2020 Submarine Cable Industry Report

In a recently conducted report, the submarine cable industry is expected to reach $22 billion and grow 11%  from 2020 to 2025. This boost in growth will not only be from new submarine cables, but also from repairs and upgrades to current cable systems. Upgrading this industry includes more than just proper equipment. “A combination of careful planning, the right equipment, and accurate field expertise is necessary to increase undersea network capacity.” These upgrades are also greatly impacting optical coherent transmission technology.

What is Coherent Transmission?In simple terms, Coherent Transmission is a system that combines amplitude modulation, phase modulation, and polarization to transmit greater amounts of information through a fiber optic cable than is possible with simple on-off keying.

 This technology involves polarization, phase modulation, and amplitude modulation which all assist in the way data is transferred in various volumes through fiber optic cables. To ensure all these various aspects of data transfer are working correctly, development models, design tests, field trials, and power formulations all go in hand, drumming up more business activities and cash flow.

Developments Underway

Africa is finally upgrading its submarine cables. Within the month, Kenya became connected to Djibouti with a fiberoptic undersea cable, coined DARE1 or the Djibouti Africa Regional Express 1. Central African countries also just signed a deal to develop a large data center and install a new submarine cable. Other countries have also started new submarine cables developments and upgrades.

How to Benefit From the Boom

It is just the beginning of the submarine cable industry’s developments and upgrades. Knowing where cables are or are planned to be can help developers, telecommunication companies, cable laying ships, and more. To learn how you can benefit, where new cables are placed or to verify where ones are currently, be sure to contact the experts at GeoTel today!

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