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Submarine Cables & Landings

Submarine Cable Landings provide a link for submarine communication. Telecommunications GIS Maps of the submarine cables, submarine landings, and systems, provide information on where the link originates and terminates. This GIS telecom product provides a comprehensive map of the world’s submarine cables and landings. Each individual cable route reveals specific information about the cable, including the cable’s name, landing stations, cable length, the cable’s owners, ready for service date, and their contact information.

How Submarine Cable Landings can be utilized

Submarine Cables and Submarine Landings have become irreplaceable components of the global economy. GeoTel clients accessing this data set can determine a host of information related to the owning company and cable location data. Service providers and other users are able to locate access control points, develop contingency plans for emergency preparedness, and enhance cable operational security.

Benefits of Submarine Cable Landings

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageOperations management analysis – understanding submarine cable vulnerabilities and mitigating national security risks

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageNetwork planning – addressing at-risk and low latency locations

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageCompetitive analysis and asset valuation

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