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GeoTel Supports GIS Day

GeoTel Supports GIS Day

supports gis dayGIS Day is an event held annually on November 13th with the purpose of celebrating GIS or Geographic Information Systems technology. Spatial analytics leader, ESRI, founded and continually supports GIS Day.

GeoTel Communications is proud to show its effort in supports for GIS Day. This day is more than just celebrating the advanced technology that has made GIS a possibility, but it is also a fun celebration that can be utilized in getting kids involved in the world of geospatial analytics.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) and its Department of Sociology, College of Sciences has realized the potential GIS Day has on influencing young minds. Tomorrow, November 14th, 2019 UCF will be welcoming 375 students and families on to campus for an exciting GIS event to deliver the technology experiences that the geospatial realm has to offer.

This event will be the beginning of many to come with the GeoTel and UCF partnership. This event has been called a fun warm-up event for our main goal, the GeoBus. This education effort will reach students in grades K-12. The focus of the partnership and its efforts is to engage the youth annually and build a network connecting the country in a way that excites young minds about the geospatial realm, which entails its analytics, technologies, and all of its expanding possibilities.

The specific technologies on this version of the GeoBus will be touch screen monitors, an augmented reality (AR) sandbox, interactive and lego miniature drones, an interactive geo-visualization wall, Virtual Reality (VR) goggle headsets, and tablets.

GeoTel Communications is proud to be a part of GIS Day and the special celebrations the University of Central Florida will be hosting.

GeoTel supports GIS Day. If you would like to support the efforts of UCF, you can also donate here.

To learn how you can get more involved with GIS or geospatial data, contact GeoTel today!

supports GIS day

Valerie Stephen