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T-Mobile 5G Hits It Out of the Park in Yankee Stadium

T-Mobile 5G Hits It Out of the Park in Yankee Stadium

t-mobile 5gAnyone who has ever been to a popular sporting event can attest to the spotty, interrupted reception. It can be a frustrating task attempting to text a friend to ask the score while stuck in line for the bathroom. Fortunately, for Yankee fans, T-Mobile 5G has announced a solution to the connection issues.

On August 19th, the New York Yankees and T-Mobile announce an expansion to their partnership. This partnership expansion address the connection issues by providing T-Mobile 5G-enabled customers the ability to connect to a new Ultra Capacity 5G network while select areas of the stadium. The evolved network options offer users connection speeds up to 10x faster than previously available. There will also be brand-new features rolling out in the near future.

Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile stated, “Yankee Stadium is home to one of the most iconic franchises in the history of American sports… Now, New Yorkers and people visiting from across the country to catch a game have access to ultra-fast, reliable 5G so they can share more of that experience.

Yankee Celebration

Two legendary former Yankee players Bernie Williams and Hideki Matsui were featured in a Stadium Tour via drone video to celebrate the new partnership. The drone footage was also uploaded to YouTube via the in-stadium 5G service.

The Un-Carrier

The self-proclaimed, Un-Carrier, T-Mobile is attempting to revolutionize the telecom market. They claim to be changing the wireless industry by offering a solution to customers’ pain points, such as being locked into lengthy, harmful contracts by other service providers. They also offer to pay outstanding contract payments or coverage to break current contracts. In addition to assisting with payment, the un-carrier is also offering streaming services, pre-disclosed taxes or fees, unlimited data, business-specific offers, and other deals and specials.

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Written By: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen