Telcos Realize the Need for a Long Term Focus

Most telecommunications companies don’t have the deep pockets they used to have ten years ago. And, with the telecommunications industry constantly changing and gaining momentum, telcos are realizing that unless they want to be forced to innovate and change, they must drive their own growth by developing a long term focus.

Sean Cai, VP of wireless at ZTE, believes that to survive and remain profitable today, telcos need three essential components: spectrum, fiber, and a great database. “Providing just traffic type of revenue is not enough. You have to build in intelligence, so service providers can offer, for example, traffic on demand or some type of guaranteed quality of service,” said Mr. Cai.

A decade ago, telcos would expect vendors to provide them with the best technology they had available, knowing that in a few years they could replace/upgrade it with the best at that later time. This is because equipment costs were just a small piece of their revenue and profit. However, it does not work this way today. Since telcos can no longer afford to replace technology in just two years, vendors must now offer cost-effective upgrade paths to win deals.

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