Telecom Companies Investing Big Dollars in Fiber

With the emergence of new technologies, telecom companies are spending big dollars and using various approaches to stay ahead of the curve.

Telecom Companies Investing Big Dollars in FiberThe cloud, IoT, and the rapid advancement of 5G are all helping to shape the future of technology.  Technology is advancing rapidly, keeping people connected faster and longer, which means telecommunication companies are working in overdrive to increase fiber connectivity to meet the demands of their customers.

Spectrum Enterprise, for example, will be using a huge portion of their latest $1 billion investment for 2018 on increasing its fiber lit buildings to stay competitive in the market.  It currently has over 200,000 buildings in forty-one (41) states.  “Our commitment is to ensure that our clients have the most robust fiber network and solutions to grow today and take advantage of future technologies that have immense demands on bandwidth,” said Phil Meeks, the Executive Vice President and President of Spectrum Enterprises.  Spectrum is absorbing upfront costs to provide quicker access to new customers. 

Bluebird Networks is deploying its first customer facing 100G on existing fiber routes connecting rural Missouri to the metropolitan center.  The company says the customers’ needs for quicker connectivity has made Bluebird Networks stay ahead of the curve by building for the future and foreseeing customers’ needs before the demand arises.  Now, with these new technologies emerging, customers need quicker connectivity and Bluebird is there to quickly meet those needs.  “Bluebird Network had the foresight to upgrade our network to be 100G capable so that when the customer need arose, Bluebird could respond and deliver the service to the customer quickly,” says Michael Morey, Bluebird Network president and CEO.  Bluebird is already talking about the future by moving to a 400G-core network to remain proactive instead of reactive. 

The rapid advancement of technologies means telco companies have to remain quick and light on their feet to think ahead and adapt if they want to stay competitive in the marketplace.  Even GeoTel is constantly trying to acquire and digitize the latest fiber routes and fiber lit buildings into our systems, so we’re prepared to meet your needs as quickly as possible.  This requires staying a step ahead to build for customers’ future needs before we even know we have that need.  To retain and acquire new customers, companies will need to effortlessly meet the demand by building today for tomorrow. 

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