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Telecom GIS Data for Real Estate

Telecom GIS Data for Real Estate

telecom gis dataSimilar to real estate, GIS is all about “location, location, location.” The purpose of GIS data is to capture, manage, and display geographical information about specific sites. These sites then can be used for informed decision-making. Therefore, telecommunications infrastructure data in a GIS format can help commercial real estate professionals analyze, report, map, and model the merits of one site or location over another.

Commercial Use of Telecom GIS Data

As a commercial real estate developer, telecom GIS data can help determine where to build new properties by offering the means to analyze the extent of communications services in the area and the potential for future economic development. Because the financial markets can become volatile, location matters more than ever. Telecom GIS data gives real estate developers the information they need to make profitable decisions.

According to the Comcast Business Class survey, Broadband is the most essential selling point in the commercial real estate market. This factor is even more important than price, parking, and location. The survey also noted that 61% of commercial building owners report that having advanced communications in their buildings provide them with a competitive advantage.

As a commercial real estate agent presenting your clients with a visual representation of all the telecommunications fiber will help the agent determine if a particular building is suitable for supporting their client’s bandwidth and connectivity needs now and for the future. This presentation can include terrestrial and wireless broadband connectivity information of a building or a portfolio of buildings, and much more.

The real estate industry uses telecom GIS data, cell tower maps, fiber maps, and other telecom maps to determine the best locations for new properties and to show potential tenants the extent of existing communications infrastructure.

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Valerie Stephen