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Telecom GIS Data Visualization Makes for Quicker Decisions

Telecom GIS Data Visualization Makes for Quicker Decisions

telecom gis dataResearch is being conducted regarding telecom GIS data and its impact on the ease of decision making. Aberdeen Group, a research company that provides insight into specific industries, recently conducted a study regarding the trends in decision making for businesses.

Their study uncovered a couple of key points regarding the telecom GIS data: 1) The sheer volume of data flowing into organizations each day, as well as the complexity of this data, creates a considerable challenge for anyone wanting to make fact-based decisions; 2) Business decision makers desire to make better sense of this data; 3) More than half of the business decision-makers face a shrinking “decision window.”

So, if business decision makers are having a hard time analyzing their data due to increased volume and decreased time, why not make this data easier to analyze by utilizing visual tools for data visualization? Visualization provides rapid access to data in a format easy for business users to digest. In fact, according to Aberdeen Group’s research, managers that make use of visual data tools (such as telecom GIS) are 10% more likely to access the information they need in the time required to impact decision making.

Geospatial and Telecom GIS Data

If you work in the geospatial industry, or if you are simply a visual person, this will make total sense. Instead of pouring over pages of data reports, if the geospatial data is displayed visually, perhaps in a GIS layer, it becomes much easier to understand, analyze, and even combine with other data sets. This, in turn, makes for quicker decision making overall.

Companies in the telecommunications industry have realized the need to analyze data quickly and effectively, and are turning to visual telecom GIS data products such as metro fiber maps, fiber lit buildings, and cell tower maps to make quicker business decisions. The ability to efficiently analyze large amounts of data provides telcos and carriers with the opportunity to expand their networks and innovate in a way not previously possible. For example, T-Mobile is currently analyzing very large amounts of campaign data to innovate and adopt new business models that were not possible before.

At GeoTel Communications, our products integrate telecom infrastructure data with GIS so that business decision makers can accurately analyze this data in a spatial, map-like environment. Our metro fiber data set contains metro fiber maps digitized in GIS for cities and then layered onto high-quality street data or aerial imagery for enhanced study, enabling businesses to locate fiber quickly within a GIS or web-based environment. To learn more, give GeoTel Communications a call at (800) 277-2172.

Valerie Stephen