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Mint Mobile Makes Waves in Telecom Marketing

Mint Mobile Makes Waves in Telecom Marketing

telecom marketingIt is a constant challenge to stand out as a company in today’s fast-paced world. The mobile wireless provider, Mint Mobile, has been able to overcome this and draw in consumers with shock-driven telecom marketing.

There are over a hundred mobile service providers in the United States alone, making it extremely hard for new companies to enter the playing field. The 3-year-old company, Mint Mobile, has used the shock tactic in telecom marketing to make a name for itself and has quickly become the fastest-growing wireless company in the nation. It is clear that this marketing style is working for Mint Mobile, but should every telecom company turn to it?

Shock Tactics

Marketing has a dark side. Shock Tactics are a style of marketing that has been manipulated by organizations for decades. This type of marketing positions an advertisement in a way that can evoke extreme emotions. These tactics can be dangerous as a company cannot always accurately predict how the audience will react in real time.

Some of the most memorable shock tactics are war-related propaganda, which would fill people with the urge to take action. Some other advertisements that utilize these tactics are the ASPCA commercials, which instill sadness, and the CDC’s anti-smoking commercials, which lead to fear. However, these tactics can also evoke positive reactions such as hope as seen with extravagant social media giveaways, or uncontrollable hilarity such as with sporting event commercials.

However, not every company should attempt to use this style in telecom marketing without mountains of research and advertisement testing, because this style of commercials can still backfire. A recent example of this was with a Pepsi commercial. A reality TV star and model, Kendall Jenner, starred in a Pepsi commercial that was meant to inspire unity and peace but had the opposite effect. Most viewers were outraged as the commercial seemed to be thoughtless and careless to them. A tactic that can lead to fails like this may have consumers wondering why Mint Mobile would attempt such a risky advertising move.

Telecom Marketing and Mint Mobile

In a saturated telecommunications market, Mint Mobile decided to risk it all to gain traction and awareness. At the beginning of the year, the company launched a shock-tactic commercial during the 2019 Super Bowl. The commercial dubbed Chunky Style Milk showcased the company’s extremely low prices. The main actor thought it was not right and that the pricing must have been listed as a mistake. The commercial then pokes fun at itself showing a family consuming and enjoying ‘chunky style milk,’ which evokes the strong emotion of disgust and disbelief, saying “Now that’s not right.” This commercial had risen to be one of the most discussed ads during the Super Bowl due to its shock factor.

The company has again used this tactic in its latest commercial called Good Coverage. In this ad, Mint Mobile has moved on from just showing its great prices and announcing how it also has great coverage across the United States. It does this by showing a couple that is bathing suit shopping and the burly husband discussing how great coverage the company has and then comes out of the dressing room in a barely-covering speedo, evoking humor and shock.

The Chief Marketing Officer, Aron North, stated how Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial was a game-changer for the company. He went on to state, “Our goal is to continue disrupting the wireless industry and fueling customer excitement…”

Telecom marketing may be a challenge for numerous companies, especially with the number of mobile wireless companies constantly changing. If your company could benefit from knowing wireless carrier provider information, contact GeoTel Communications today and gain insight into the most accurate, reliable data available.

Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen