Texas Brings Happy Telecom News

telecom newsMost telecom news stories focus on tech trends and organizational acquisitions, but this happy news is slightly different and comes from the great state of Texas.

ABC News recently reported that the honeybee population has seen a nearly 40% decline since last year. This could be from industrial agriculture, foraging pattern changes, feeding pattern perturbances, physiological effects, and neurotoxic pesticides. Unfortunately, honeybees are essential for fruit, vegetable, and flower pollination and they also support billions of dollars of crop production in the United States every year. You may be asking yourself; how do honeybees pertain to telecom news?

FiberLight and the Bees in Telecom News

A fiber network production company, FiberLight, discovered a huge hive in the most unusual spot.

According to Telecom Ramblings and “Ilissa Miller, founder, and CEO of iMiller Public Relations and President of NEDAS, the FiberLight company reported to a call involving a routine maintenance fix with a small Texan city, Bastrop.

The area was experiencing a cell service interruption from one of the cell towers. This can happen from time to time due to normal wear and tear on cell tower sites but when the crew arrived on site, they discovered this was not a normal maintenance call…

The FiberLight team had climbed onto the cell tower site and immediately saw an issue with one of the sites’ antennas. The team had come face to face with an enormous thriving honeybee hive. The bee home was so large it was actually disrupting cell service to the small Texan town. Rob Holt, FiberLight Vice President, claimed that this was the first time in his 30 years of telecom work that he ever had to reach out to a local bee service for advice.

With the help of a local bee rescuer, Brandon Fehrenkamp of AustinBees.com, the company hatched a plan to safely remove and save the bees. Wearing sting proof suits in a 130-foot cherry picker Mr. Fehrenkamp and a FiberLight technician found a hole in the antennae and the central hub of the bee’s home. Together they slowly removed the honeybees and safely transported them to the ground and then to Mr. Fehrenkamp bee sanctuary where they could live happily without disrupting local Texan’s cell service.

This buzz-worthy story is a great example of how companies need to work with nature and not against it. Here at GeoTel, we want to see happier telecom news like this. How can you help?

You Can Save the Bees Too!

Made in Nature has the following great ways you can help save the bees as well.

  • Garden Organic – No Pesticides
  • Buy Organic and Local – Support Pesticide-Free Farms
  • Plant Honeybee’s Favorite Flowers
  • Adopt a Hive or Donate to One
  • Become a Beekeeper
  • Create an Organic Watering Hole
  • Spread the Word and Sign Petitions to Save the Bees

Whether you are a bee fanatic or a telecom news lover – you can find all the geospatial location-based data you need with GeoTel. Contact us to learn more today!

Author: Valerie Stephen