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Telecommunications GIS Data

Telecommunications GIS Data

GeoTel’s unique business strategy implements and converges the mapping of telecommunications infrastructure with GIS technologies. These two items integrated into one digital telecom GIS data set gives leverage and insight into the competitive telecommunications landscape across North America.

telecom GIS dataA multitude of industries can use Telecommunications GIS data to drive insightful business decisions. GeoTel’s sophisticated fiber data sets let users within a GIS environment easily visualize a carriers’ entire metro and long-haul fiber network, carrier assets, Fiber Lit Buildings, current areas of fiber market penetration and competitive threats. With GIS for telecommunications organizations outside the communications industry can determine where to locate new buildings, the potential for economic development in a specific area and the extent of communications services currently available in a particular market area.

Telecom GIS Data Gives A Competitive Edge

GIS empowers telecom with an immense advantage. Virtually all of the telecommunication services benefit largely from location-based intelligence. GeoTel offers a GIS system with extensive data management and collection. The mapping technique provided offers the ability for users to utilize predictive analysis and make intelligent business decisions.

Data Research and Collection

The main information source comes directly from telecom carriers, secondary support derives from in-field collection, and third-party vendors, along with other extensive research methods. There are various types of data layered in a geographical component to create imagery to depict the real world in this advanced system.

Storing Data

GeoTel offers the most developed and state-of-the-art GIS system that allows users to be able to gather, store, and review data in the most efficient way. Complex telecom networks are able to be stored and managed in an advanced framework to support any institution’s 5g, fiber, and extended network expectations. The digitized data is kept in a relational and geospatial database, where servers can access and host on a Tier III data center.

Accessing GIS Data

Clients receive direct access to the GIS platform through the most secure means via protected FTP Servers. If customers lack telecom GIS data experience, our secondary platform TeleTracker offers an extremely explanatory platform. Learn more here. Clients with potentially any level of knowledge can utilize this advanced telecom infrastructure data. To gain access to the most advanced GIS system offered by GeoTel fill out a contact form now!

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