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Telecommunications in Healthcare Amidst a Pandemic

Telecommunications in Healthcare Amidst a Pandemic

telecommunications in healthcareLearn how the COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on telecommunications in healthcare.

Social distancing is becoming the new norm and with the global threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an impact on how people seek medical assistance. Telecommunications in healthcare, i.e., telehealth, has been a safe route for most individuals seeking professional help but not feeling comfortable enough to attend the doctor’s office. Whether it is a possible broken finger or a therapy session, patients can still be safe and get the help they need.

The Move to Telecommunication for Standard Checkups

Mon Health clinic in Fairmont, West Virginia has made the switch to telecom for checkups.

Patients are calling their primary doctor and being assessed over the phone or via webchat. Judy Bonfili, a family medicine practitioner at Mon Health stated that “The patients have been super responsive to it… We’re able to see them and hear them and we interview them and do their medical visits that way.” Doctor Bonfili also went on to say that they asses whether a case is extreme enough to risk an in-office visit.

Another great benefit of telecommunications in healthcare is that they are putting patients at ease by answering questions better than WebMD. Other clinics across the country are adopting virtual care and telemedicine to serve patients properly.  

Will Healthcare Be Changed Forever?

Healthcare has transformed to a telehealth landscape extremely quickly by being an efficient, safe, and affordable solution for patients and care providers. There are various benefits to telehealth such as benign conditions that can receive medical care with low risk of germ exposure in waiting rooms, online screening to protect the medical staff of potential virus exposures, reaching rural patients more easily, and videoconferencing care practices for vulnerable patients. 

When historical events shake the foundation of society it can alter the way procedures are done from that point onward. This can be seen with how 9/11 affected day-to-day safety protocols. With all the benefits of telehealth, telecommunications in healthcare may become the new norm.

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Valerie Stephen