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How TeleTracker Can Benefit Your Organization

How TeleTracker Can Benefit Your Organization

TeleTrackerIf your company utilizes data on a regular basis, then TeleTracker can benefit your organization.

TeleTracker is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which can also be classified as a Data as a Service (DaaS) platform. This advanced platform operates off of a vast library of telecommunications location-based data that is constantly updated and monitored.

TeleTracker Features and Functions

TeleTracker can provide immense value to organizations with its ease of access via a web portal, low learning curve, and immense datasets. This GeoTel product has a long list of features that allow information to be shared easily between departments.

  • The platform is extremely customizable and even has the function for organizations to upload proprietary data. Intelligent intuitive screen sharing and reporting capabilities allow companywide understanding and utilization of the data.
  • Geospatial and relational databases create the background of the platform without the reliance on GIS-based software or other expensive means.
  • This means lower costs and less hassle for organizations by reducing the need for GIS maintenance and licenses, less server software and hardware, minimal employee training, and reduces data licenses and update needs.
  • The platform can be utilized anywhere there is internet and is mobile and tablet accessible.
  • Other important features consist of satellite and street views, the ability to draw geometric shapes, 17 base maps, with many more features, and all the access to telecom data.

Telecom Data Access within the Platform

There are various sections within the TeleTracker platform that offers telecom data information. The Carrier Locator allows all the telecom carrier providers to be labeled within any given area along with the actual fiber optic cable routes. Other telecom data features consist of wire center boundaries, worldwide telecom carrier directory, LATA boundaries, cell tower locations, submarine cable routes. Metro fiber routes, long haul fiber routes, and much more.

Whether you are using the platform to assist in RFP response position, developing marketing strategies, or visualizing certain assets, there is something for everyone within TeleTracker.

Gaining Access

GeoTel enjoys helping companies and organizations access the pertinent data that operationally benefit them. By offering personalized live demonstrations of the platform at no cost, any business can see how TeleTracker can benefit them. GeoTel also offers support and training if needed. If your organization would like to request a free demo, then fill out this form today!

All the information within this article pertains to the GeoTel Communication product TeleTracker and refers to only the capabilities of which the platform can support.

Author: GeoTel Experts

Valerie Stephen