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TeleTracker Reviews – What GeoTel Customers Have to Say

TeleTracker Reviews – What GeoTel Customers Have to Say

TeleTracker ReviewsTeleTracker is the world’s elite Data as a Service Product. This infrastructure mapping tool offers users of all experience levels the ability to access fiber maps and telecommunications critical infrastructure data. It is developed using GeoTel’s powerful GIS data and boasts some of the largest, most reliable, and most accurate telecommunications location-based data available. Even if a user has little to no GIS experience, they can still easily navigate this intuitive platform.

The TeleTracker tool is extremely unique. It assists users in making critical business decisions by providing the essential data necessary. TeleTracker employs advanced data visualization where users can visualize data in multiple dimensions. It is also one of the only platforms that consolidates over 15 telecom research data layers into one place while offering customized reporting capabilities. The complex user interface allows users to dive into different data realms, while still being user-friendly. This platform can save organizations money by reducing costs and resources. It can also save organizations time by efficiently compiling all this information into one convenient location. Learn what TeleTracker users have to say about the tool.

Customer Reviews

There is nothing quite like learning what clients have to say about a tool to truly understand it prior to an individual utilizing it.

“The TeleTracker tool is the only platform I have found that can provide such a high level of spatial confidence especially when it comes to telecom assets. This tool is constantly being updated since it’s connected to GeoTel’s production database which gives my team the ability to see the most real-time version of the telecom infrastructure available. I have been a client for 7 years and will continue to be one as long as I need telecom data.” ~ Monica L.

“GeoTel’s TeleTracker should be considered the telecom infrastructure’s standard SAAS mapping application. TeleTracker is a hybrid mapping platform that allows users to visualize their data and create a supporting report to complete the picture. By combining the mapping services with GeoTel’s deep bench of analytics, TeleTracker saves the day!” ~ Eric H.

“I work for [a local government organization] and had very little experience with critical infrastructure data prior to my position with the city. Thankfully the TeleTracker tool that GeoTel has to offer is easy to use and they even provide training and ongoing support. So, I know if I ever need extra assistance, I can call my [dedicated team] and they always have a quick turnaround!” ~Tim B.

What GeoTel Has to Offer

An organization that utilizes critical infrastructure data can greatly benefit from the TeleTracker platform. The multipurpose tool is easy to use, highly customizable, can save an organization time and money, and most importantly has the most recent and reliable geospatial data available. Contact GeoTel today to get a free personalized demo of this advanced software today! 

Written By: GeoTel Team

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