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The Internet Maps & Connects the World – Literally!

The Internet Maps & Connects the World – Literally!

mapsThe Internet has changed our lives in ways many of us never deemed possible. The connections it has given people are nothing short of amazing. The Internet allows people to communicate with each other over immense distances and across boundaries that formerly made communication difficult or impossible. We can just as easily connect with co-workers on the other side of the globe as with friends down the street. This can all be connected via telecom maps.

Not only is the percentage of the world population using the Internet increasing every day, but also the size of the Internet is constantly growing. In fact, the web is estimated to have at least 9.13 billion pages as of Oct. 24, 2012! The physical infrastructure of the Internet is essential to our world because it enables greater connectivity between people and therefore drives our global economy.

The physical infrastructure of the Internet, a vast network of fiber-optic cables lying deep underneath the ocean, literally connects the world. Light travels across the ocean through these fiber-optic cables until it reaches the coast, where it then enters a landing station that transmits the flashes of light received. After this, the information is sent to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), where Internet Service Providers exchange Internet traffic between their networks.

GeoTel Communications, LLC specializes in mapping telecommunications infrastructure with GIS data to produce telecom maps. The company’s telecommunications infrastructure maps of the Internet, showing international subsea telecom fiber optic cables, were featured at the Archive Centre Mundaneum in Belgium for the museum’s Renaissance 2.0 exhibit beginning earlier this month.

If you’re interested in telecommunications infrastructure maps of the Internet, like those featured at the Belgium exhibit, GeoTel offers that map for sale in a variety of sizes, as well as custom-made fiber maps for client requests. Give us a call at (800) 277-2172 to learn more about our telecom data products!

Valerie Stephen