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Level 3 Communications Hybrid IT

Level 3 Communications Hybrid IT

As it has been mentioned in a few blog postings, the Cloud is the wave of the future and the way that telecom vendors are going to use when it comes to leveraging new products and services to customers.

There are key advantages to it, especially when it comes to cost savings and having services “right here and right now”.  But, there are those customers (and in fact, a lot of them) which have not totally embraced the concept of the Cloud, and thus are still quite afraid of using it.

The telecom vendors are cognizant of this new trend and because of that, they are not forcing legacy customers to migrate to the Cloud.  Rather, they are letting them keep their existing products and services the way they have them now.

For newer customers, the vendors are trying to encourage the use of products and services in the Cloud, but many are still resisting.  As a result, the telecom industry is now embracing the concept of the “Hybrid IT” approach.  This simply means that new customers can pick and choose those items they want to use in the Cloud, and those they don’t.

One telecom vendor who is capitalizing on this is Level 3 Communications.  They have engaged upon a massive Hybrid IT program which is expected to go into the next 12 months and into the early part of 2018.

According to Paul Savill, a product manager at Level 3: “Hybrid IT is foundational to a successful digital transformation . . . To bolster their hybrid IT programs, enterprises need to leverage the new technologies available to upgrade their network infrastructure for greater security, flexibility, and automation.”  (SOURCE:

It’s expected that the customer base of Level 3 will continue to grow at a much faster pace, by giving customers this new type of platform from which they can pick and choose what they want or need.  Apart from this, customers are also wanting to have high levels of security, 99.999% uptime availability, and high bandwidth capabilities.

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