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The Smartphone Revolution

The Smartphone Revolution

Is a stretchable phone possible or just some crazy idea?

The latest buzz in the mobile phone market is the foldable phone. Everyone wants to know how a foldable smartphone can work and what capabilities it will possess. The foldable smartphone will start with Huawei and Samsung, and both have displayed their foldable devices already. In addition, Apple filed a patent for a foldable device that the company might launch. There is no certainty that Apple will, but it is encouraging that they are thinking about creating one.

However, one company is making a different kind of smartphone. LG is planning to come out with a stretchable phone. They recently filed for a new patent which considers a smartphone that can stretch in all directions. So how will a smartphone stretch? When the display is stretched, the parts slide apart, and the size of the smartphone increases. Here is what part of the patent reads, “A mobile terminal hacking display unit configured to be expanded or contracted in at least one direction, a housing disposed at a lower part of the display unit and formed to enclose electrical components and a case covering a rear surface of the housing provided.” The patent also notes that they have experimented with the display being stretched and contracted. “Demand for displaying screens in various forms has been on the rise and research into displays which may be contracted and stretched has been conducted.”

As of now, there is no information on a timeline for when the smartphone could be released. Also, it’s a mystery what type of technology will be in it. Could it be a 5G phone? We will find out sometime, but once it is released everyone will be looking to get their hands on it. With all this new technology happening, the future looks bright for the tech industry.

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Valerie Stephen