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Esri Announces Top Story Maps 2016

Esri Announces Top Story Maps 2016

Our blog postings have primarily dealt with introducing new technologies, products, and services as they have developed into the marketplace in the last few years.  We have even introduced new GIS vendors when they have come out into the marketplace.  We’ve reviewed everything from the use of drones, GPS systems, and how the concepts of GIS can be used to help mental illnesses.

In today’s blog, we are going to take a different angle.  We will be recapping some of the top major news stories in the world of GIS from 2016, with the links to the articles if you wish to read about them further.  Here we go:

  • Are you a new college graduate looking for that first job, or are you a current GIS professional looking for a career advancement? Check out what the hot jobs were in 2016.


  • Are you a new GIS start-up on a limited budget, but want to use a drone to take better quality images for your customers? Check out cost affordable drones here.


  • Need to get a new UAV camera, but still on a budget? Here are some cheaper products you can choose from.


  • Are you trying to look at population dynamics for your research? Check out this great new resource.


  • Are you a GIS professional on the go and need to analyze landmarks while you’re traveling? Does your smartphone do all of your photo taking and analysis of your collected data?  Check these latest gadgets out.


  • Have you been the victim of credit card fraud or a cyber attack? Learn how the concepts of GIS can protect you now.


  • See how the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to impact your GIS business.


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