Thinking Locally For Fiber Optics

Wilcon, a Southern California leading provider of data center infrastructure and fiber optic networks, has a unique approach when it comes to attracting customers. While many fiber optic providers use a national or global approach to drawing in customers, Wilcon uses a much more regional approach. Instead of spreading out over multiple locations, Wilcon is focused only on the Southern California market.

“The Southern California market, LA in particular, is somewhat different to the rest of the US, and this has really created an opportunity for us,” Wilcon President and CEO Jon DeLuca said on DataCenter Dynamics. “In other markets, larger national and international operators like Equinix, CoreSite and Telx have advantages because of their multiple locations. In LA, because SoCal is so spread out, there are more micro markets.”

Wilcon operates several data centers in Southern California, including several floors at the One Wilshire carrier hotel. This 30-story building is located in the heart of Los Angeles and offers unparalleled connectivity among communication firms. Over 240 telecom companies call One Wilshire home, including AT&T, Level 3 Communications, Worldcom, Qwest Communications, Sprint, Time Warner, Verizon and XO Communications. In May, Wilcon announced they were adding 25 percent more capacity to their One Wilshire location and growing their fiber optic network.

In March, Wilcon completed an aggressive fiber rollout, so it now operates more than 3,000 fiber route miles from San Diego up to Santa Clarita, including connections to 1,000 major hubs. Additionally, Wilcon purchased Freedom Dark Fiber Networks’ high-capacity regional dark fiber route last year.  For the next phase, Wilcon will now sell space power and cross connections, making it one of the largest connectivity players in the Southern California area.

“We have created an extensive network infrastructure ourselves, and this reaches markets that would be too small for other operators to warrant building in,” DeLuca said.

Even with all of this growth, Wilcon believes that it can develop further. With so many media companies, communications companies and cloud providers in the area, the lower-tier market continues to expand and Wilcon wants to be their go to provider.

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