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Using Fiber Optics in Commercial Real Estate

Using Fiber Optics in Commercial Real Estate

By GeoTel Communications 

Finding a commercial buyer the perfect real estate, requires research, time, and attention to detail. In an already competitive marketplace, real estate agents are turning to fiber optics as a solution to their sales.

Like any purchase, real estate is an investment. Buyers will spend months researching what they are looking for and a good location is merely a fraction of the equation. For commercial real estate specifically, buyers are concerned with longevity, productivity, and operational value. Longevity is self-explanatory, but for productivity and operational value, a commercial buyer is looking for the assurance that their business will run smoothly in the location of choice.

In the 21st century, this translates to the capability for high levels of internet connectivity.  Online real estate services host between 1.7 Million to 36 Million unique monthly visitors depending on the outlet. This means that prior to meeting with one of your company’s agents, your client has likely done their own research, so they are coming to you for “insider info.”  They want to confirm their choice or have you inform them which option is best suited for their business.

The ability to offer insight into how specific locations will allow their business to perform is invaluable in terms of importance for any potential commercial buyer. Here is how GeoTel’s SaaS product TeleTracker comes into play. The hands-on application allows users, such as realtors, to enter in specific locations and view the possibilities for fiber optic connectivity and bandwidth in the designated area.

Fiber optics are described as the most powerful internet connection on the market, so being able to enable a business with fiber optic cabling is a major selling point. Additionally, with TeleTracker at their fingertips, an agent will be able to compare various tentative locations in order to offer the buyer more precise insight.

If your company is interested in incorporating TeleTracker into its portfolio, GeoTel offers complimentary one on one demos, click HERE.




Valerie Stephen