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Using Fiber Optics to Win Gamers

Using Fiber Optics to Win Gamers

By GeoTel Communications 

In the world of gaming, high internet connectivity and speed, such as those achieved with fiber optics, are deemed necessary for any player hoping to leave their mark.

As consumers are being offered an increasing number of choices for their internet provider, telecom companies are searching for any way to gain momentum over their competitors. With an internet speed for cable ranging from 20 to 300 megabits per second, while fiber optic speed ranges from 150 up to 500 megabits per second, being able to offer customers fiber optics gives companies a competitive edge.

This is especially applicable in the gaming community. The PC Gamer webpage notes, fiber is more reliable than copper wiring, “because fiber has a newer infrastructure with fewer amplifiers, and because it’s less prone to the interference that plagues copper wiring.” Copper wiring referring to the traditional cable bandwidth.  The traditional DSL and Cable connections made through copper wiring have made the material synonymous with basic cable. Thus, creating competition between copper and fiber optic cables.

The theory of those in the gaming community switching providers based upon who provided fiber optic connectivity was proven correct in an online gaming forum titled “Fiber-optic Internet for Gaming?”  The gaming user, Adeptinwar, noted a vast improvement when switching from cable to “Verizon Fios (Fiber Optic).”

Competition to reach more of the consumer marketplace with fiber optics is more complex though as the cables require installation and maintenance in some areas. Because new cables are viewed as an investment of both time and money, many telecom and internet providing companies turn to fiber optic mapping applications such as GeoTel’s TeleTracker to guide the way. TeleTracker allows users to plug in the areas of interest and infer if there is an easier route to fiber connectivity.

Valerie Stephen