Utilizing Submarine Cables

By GeoTel Communications

Buried below the surface, submarine cables power the internet across the globe. Often ignored by many business ventures, there are profits and opportunities to be found on the sea floor.

There is a long-standing myth that internet connectivity travels the world through the sky. This belief was further supported by the rise of the now popular “Cloud” data storage system. However, the “Cloud” is no more a cloud than a snake is a cable.  Storing something inside of the “Cloud” merely means that data is being stored at a warehouse data center.  The true source of internet connection lies underground on both land and sea. But, the most powerful cables, those that offer an international connection, can be found thousands of feet below sea level.

Submarine cables serve as the main source of connection between America and the rest of the world. Moreover, submarine cables work to connect mainland America to its own outlier states and territories such as Alaska and Guam. These cost beneficial, resistant cables are the backbone of the world wide web, and so the question then becomes how to utilize them for your business.

Contrary to popular belief that satellites are the best form of internet connectivity, submarine cables are both less expensive and offer faster speeds. Scientists at the University of Southampton in England invented submarine cables with data transfer speeds of 73.7 terabits per second or a speed 1,000 times faster than previously offered. For cost efficacy, submarine cables again topple their satellite rival. With satellite pricing ranging from $60 to $420 dollars a month and fiber optic pricing ranging from $50 to $650 dollars. The cost at which fiber optic is offered is dramatically lower than a satellite option when speed, power and safety are considered. In terms of longevity, submarine cables stand in a league of their own. Created to survive unbothered for twenty-five (25) years, the lack of upkeep generates a level of relaxation from submarine cable users. Even in situations where the technology that flows within the cables’ upgrades.

For American based businesses seeking improvements in data speed and storage, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) is ruling authority for the activity which occurs in the submarine cables.  As fiber optic cables generate the fastest internet speed, exploring the world of submarine cables will only benefit your company as it transverses the world wide web and those within it.