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Verizon Replaces Copper Damaged by Sandy With Fiber

Verizon Replaces Copper Damaged by Sandy With Fiber

Verizon’s decades-old copper wires in both New York City’s Broad Street area and parts of New Jersey, such as the Barrier Islands, took substantial damage when Hurricane Sandy plowed through the region just a few months ago. Verizon plans to take advantage of the unfortunate situation by replacing the damaged copper wires with fiber.

Just before Christmas, Verizon finished with the installation of fiber-optic cables between its two central switching offices in Lower Manhattan. Even though Verizon still has a ways to go on the project, the company estimates that they have already installed more than 5,000 miles of fiber in the area and removed more than 100 tons of copper cables.

By equipping their customers who were previously using copper with fiber, Verizon has the immediate opportunity to up-sell these customers by offering them higher-speed services, more data usage, and even voice and video services that they could not get before.

“I think that this will help us in a number of ways. We have got that platform then that we can build on, but the businesses will be able to add services, higher-speed services, and change their services much more easily than we could in a copper environment,” says Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon Communications.

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Valerie Stephen