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Here Comes Hawaiian Telecom!

Here Comes Hawaiian Telecom!

We’ve all heard of Comcast, Verizon, Windstream Communications, etc. But, there is another telecom/cable provider out there, that not a lot of people have heard of. This entity is known as Hawaiian Telecom.

Obviously their primary market is located in the state of Hawaii; but last week they released some numbers that, if it were to offer its services on the United States mainland, would give some serious competition to the other telecom carriers.
For example:

  • At the end of Q1 of 2016, it had 92,800 subscribers
  • Revenue was at $36.2 million
  • Consumer revenue rose to 47% from 43% in the previous year
  • In terms of video services, revenue grew by 25% (this represents an increase of $9.4 million)
  • There was an increase of 7,400 brand new IPTV subscribers, thus increasing the total base to 37,100 subscribers
  • During Q1, the number of household subscribers requesting fiber-based services grew by 5,000, thus increasing the total base to 195,000 household subscribers
  • 61% of all Hawaiian Telecom customers now use FTTP based technology
  • During Q1, business revenue was $44.8 million; this represents a 4.4% growth rate from the previous year
  • The demand for business data lines increased by 20,000; this represents a 1.7% growth rate from the previous year
  • Data service center increased by almost 18%

Despite all this good news, there was one sour spot for Hawaiian Telecom: It’s Wholesale Services division. Revenue in this category declined to $13.8 million, from the previous year. This was primarily attributed to customers switching over from the traditional copper-based services to FTTP services.

This traditional segment is an important one, and Hawaiian Telecom has already started to implement plans as to how it will regain this crucial market share. According to CEO Scott Barber, “In the wholesale channel, our strategy is to leverage our fiber network to drive Ethernet growth in both wireline and wireless wholesale segments, be the provider of choice for the wireless carriers and expand services and solutions for the trans-Pacific market.”

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Valerie Stephen