Comcast Securing More Enterprise Business

In today’s economy, businesses whether large or small, always have to find customers in order to keep their sales pipeline filled with leads which will turn into eventual deals.  But, there comes a point also where these businesses have to decide what kind of customer will be profitable enough for them to engage in.  For example, a smaller to medium-sized entity might find it to be advantageous to reach out to smaller customers first, then branch out into larger ones.

Then, of course, there are those much larger business entities that want to reach out to the largest of the large customers possible-these are known specifically as “Enterprise Customers”.  Such is the case of telecom giant Comcast.  Just last week, they announced plans that they want to use, in the short term, to reach this type of customer base.

According to Neil Smit, the CEO of Comcast Cable: “We’re seeing healthy growth from mid-sized businesses and we’re getting a number of enterprise deals . . . we’re starting to see the enterprise side of the business starting to grow.”

One type of customer they have been able to attract is a large financial firm (the name was not disclosed) that has some 2,000+ locations, as well as a major healthcare provider with 1,000+ locations.  Although specifics have not been revealed, the general plan to tap into these large customers is to pre-build fiber optic cabling into the industrial parks, in which they already have a high density of existing business.

The pain point to hit on the customer is on the speed of their existing Internet, and how using fiber optics can greatly increase the speed of that connectivity.  In fact, Comcast Cable just announced a multimillion dollar expansion of a fiber based network in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Upon completion of this project, Comcast will be able to deliver Internet speeds of up to 100 Gbps.

Overall, the financials at Comcast Cable still remain strong, as 3rd Quarter revenue rose 14.2% to $21.3 Billion.

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