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Comcast Expanding Services

Comcast Expanding Services

When it comes to the worlds of software and information technology, there are many companies that dominate these spaces. Probably the biggest juggernauts are Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco Systems. The same thing can be said about the telecom industry. The giants in this realm are Comcast, Verizon, and Level 3 Communications, in addition to others, such as Windstream Communications, which has been profiled in previous blog articles.

However, according to leading experts, Comcast will continue to retain the lead in the telecom market. This speculation has been primarily fueled by the fact that Comcast will be targeting a brand new market segment in which to leverage their products and services: The Fortune 1000 businesses. Brand new geographic segments include those of northern New England, California, and other nearby regions.

Just in Q2 of this year, Comcast had record revenues of $1.16 billion, which represents a year over year (YOY) growth rate of nearly 21 percent. Q2 revenue results in 2014 were at $965 million. However, as Comcast CEO Bill Stemper noted, the revenue results from expanding into the Fortune 1000 business segment will not be realized until 2018.

Also, according to Stemper, “When we looked at the next market Comcast Business wanted to penetrate, we looked at the large enterprise space, which is kind of defined as Fortune 1000-plus . . . those are network-related sales and are not product-related opportunities so we’re fulfilling a network need for one of these large enterprise customers across the United States.”

Despite the great potential to be realized by expanding into this new market segment, there will be an entirely new set of constraints that Comcast will have to deal with. These include abiding by a much stricter set of service level agreements (SLA), as well as the creation and implementation of brand new network-to-network interface (NNI) agreements.

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Valerie Stephen