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What is a Fiber Map?

What is a Fiber Map?

fiber mapIf you are unfamiliar with the telecommunications world, then the term ‘fiber map’ may sound like a visual representation of where to find dietary fiber sources. However, in the telecom world, this is far from the definition. So, what is a fiber map for telecom?

What is a Fiber Map?

A fiber map is a visual representation showing the physical placement of the fiber-optic network. These maps may showcase specific cables, fiber lit buildings, telecom carriers, and more within the telecommunications infrastructure. The fiber-optic network is a worldwide matrix that connects continents, communities, and buildings with information and physical fiber optic cables that can run underground, above ground, and even on the bottom of the seafloor. The digitized mapping of this network is extremely beneficial for the tech and telecom industries.

In the past, spreadsheets, static drawings, and paper recordings had to be made and physically handed off for an entire organization to learn of connectivity data provided with a fiber map.

The Fiber Map Today

Creating a digital or electronic map has allowed organizations to share and communicate information quicker than ever. Some of the greatest benefits of these digitized maps are that they provide great depths of telecom knowledge and efficiency in entity-wide communication.

Today, these maps are powered by digital GIS applications. These applications can allow for telecom carriers or network operators to specify where they are located for potential customers. On the other side, a company can gain a competitive advantage by knowing where the competition is located and identifying areas of potential growth. Network developers can also create specific maps for various telecom elemental datasets. An example of this could be a map of all the fiber telecom carriers in Houston, Texas, and where the specific carrier fiber is located within the city. If a company wants to focus on more than one aspect of telecommunications, there are immensely comprehensive platforms available that will provide various details and datasets at once.

Access GeoTel’s Fiber Map

The telecommunication infrastructure is becoming more and more important as the world continually grows digitally. The list of countries operating on 5G and even moving to 6G development is increasing. If your company does not have access to a fiber map in your operating area, you could be falling behind.

GeoTel offers the most advanced, accurate, and up-to-date fiber maps. To gain access to fiber location data in your company’s operating area, contact us to set up a free demo today.


Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen