Why Should I Buy Fiber Network Maps?

Why Should I Buy Fiber Network Maps?

buy fiber network mapsAre you searching for a highly accurate and dependable source for telecommunication information? This article will explain why you should invest in buying fiber network maps.

The internet offers various sources for everything from A to Z. However, not all free sources can be dependable – a great example of this are websites where any user can provide an answer that does not go through a fact-checking process. So, why would you trust a free online fiber map and instead of buying fiber network maps?

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Fiber Network Maps

Two of the main reasons you should buy fiber network maps is that they are constantly updated and verified for accurate information. The free maps online do not get verified or updated as often as the paid sources. There are other reasons why you or your company should invest in paid data, the following are the top qualities of investing in these resources.

  1. Map Accuracy – As previously mentioned a paid map will be more reliable and accurate because the company licensing the data wants to make sure clients are satisfied with the results.
  2. Database Size – It is safe to say that almost every free fiber map has a very limited source of data. If you want to have full rounded data visualization, a paid source is a must-have. You get what you pay for with data. If you are investing in a database, you will receive much larger results.
  3. Customer Service – As with most paid services, the best fiber network map platforms will come with a way to request customer service. Various forms of support can be product introduction, training, GIS data sorting, and multiple personalized services.
  4. Quality – The quality of the product will always be better if a paid version is chosen. The graphics of the map are better, there are more options, there are clearer details, and other qualitative options depending on the use of the map.

Where to Buy Fiber Maps

There are various ways to retrieve the necessary telecom data a company may need, whether it is in a raw GIS database, data as a service platform or a static fiber map. GeoTel Communications is the number one provider of fiber network maps and all telecommunications location-based data. If you want guaranteed accurate, dependable information, then look no further. GeoTel offers the largest telecom database that is constantly updated and verified.

Contact the experts at GeoTel to schedule a free demo and discover which form of fiber network data is best for your company.


Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen