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Why Knowing the Carriers in a Lit Building is Essential

Why Knowing the Carriers in a Lit Building is Essential

With rapidly growing communication needs, there is an ever-increasing demand for higher speeds and improved connectivity than what is provided by traditional broadband. The good news is that when connectivity providers compete, the customer always wins. Healthy competition between carriers results in more choices, better service, and more affordable prices for the customer.

If you’re renting or buying new office space, finding a lit building is the most cost-effective way to get fast and reliable connectivity because the fiber optic network is already present. This eliminates the need to invest in setting up a fiber network with your desired carrier. As a result, many businesses are moving into fiber lit buildings to utilize high-speed connections offered by various providers to keep their business running efficiently.

With so many carriers serving commercial buildings, it’s hard to know which buildings contain fiber and which ones do not. And, it’s even harder to tell which carriers service which lit buildings. New businesses setting up operations, as well as existing businesses, can use a fiber lit buildings data set to locate buildings with fiber connections and to determine which carriers provide service to those buildings.

If your business has just moved into a lit building and you are looking to get the most connectivity for your buck, knowing the building’s providers and the services they offer can give you leverage when negotiating Internet, phone, and TV services. Your goal should be to get the best service and SLA for the money.

GeoTel’s fiber lit buildings product is a great tool to help you choose the next location for your office building or facility that requires high-speed connectivity. Our fiber lit buildings data set can help you analyze the merits of one building site over another by showing which carriers have a fiber presence or have optical switches connected to a fiber loop inside a building. Call GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172 for a customized quote for our fiber lit buildings data set.

Valerie Stephen