Why Does My Company Need Telecom Data?

telecom dataTelecom data can provide a bounty of benefits for almost any industry or organization. Is your company missing out?

Your company needs telecom data for location-based intelligence and to drive intelligent business decisions. Why and how your company can specifically utilize telecommunications data depends entirely on what kind of business your organization is running.

Industries That Benefit from Telecom Data

There are various industries that utilize data revolving around telecommunications.

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Wireless Infrastructure
  3. Economic Development
  4. Private Enterprise
  5. Local, State, and Federal Government
  6. Energy
  7. Finance & Investment
  8. Real Estate
  9. Academia
  10. Consultants and Other

If your organization does not follow under the top 9 industries listed, then there is still a great chance your company could benefit from telecom data.  Let’s discuss more specific cases…

Industry-Specific Case Uses


If you are new to the telecommunications industry it is essential to gather data on where your company has attributes located. This industry-specific data can play into the ever-important decision-making process at levels within the company. Knowing where certain attributes are located, for example, a cell tower could help determine where your next project needs to be or which towers need reinforcement or where 5G is able to implement more efficiently, the possibilities are endless. It is also important for those in the telecom industry to know where the competition is located, saturated, or missing to make important decisions. The wireless infrastructure industry plays a key role within telecommunications, it consists of cell towers, 5G antennas, and more. Much like the telecommunications industry, the wireless players can utilize specific telecom data for competitive information, knowledge management, marketing initiatives, companywide regulation, network planning and engineering, and for the analysis of data geomatic, and GIS information.

Economic Development and Private Enterprise

The economic development industry utilizes this data for various projects, including urban planning and smart city development. With specific data, those in this industry can identify ideal project locations for reusable energy, understand various populated areas and the community’s needs, and for various other largescale and micro-projects. The private enterprise industry can utilize nearly all the same datasets within telecom with a slight variation in terrestrial broadband. Common use cases can include leveraging spatial technologies, mapping, reporting, cost-saving initiatives due to efficiency, strategic location placements, and much more.

Government, Energy, and Financetelecom data government

Various levels of government benefit from knowing telecom specifics such as fiber lit buildings, fiber routes, cell towers, central offices, broadband areas, and data centers. The common use cases can be nearly endless when it comes to government initiatives, some include mapping natural disasters and disaster recovery, or infrastructure development and assessment. The energy industry uses telecom data for regulation, data, geomatic, and GIS analysis, knowledge management, competitive information, and more. Whereas the finance and investment industry can develop deeper market understanding, economic forecasting and modeling, evaluate telecom networks and carriers that seek financial backing, improve operational performances, and more.

Real Estate

The real estate industry has a lot to gain from properly utilizing telecom data. Having the proper assessment of fiber lit buildings, fiber routes, and even data centers can bring in great financial opportunities. Some specific use-cases for the real estate industry include the following.

  • Identifying Prospective Buyers
  • Determining and Adjusting Property Values
  • Identifying Telecom Carriers for Buyers or Tenants
  • Property Research and Market Analysis
  • Determining Proper Pricing
  • Showcasing Property Characteristics Properly

Academia, Consultancies, and Others

Even the education industry can utilize data from telecommunications in various ways. GIS technicians and web developers and analysts utilize a great deal of this data in training and in actual job performance. Academia can also benefit by creating spatial projects, map creation, leveraging advanced technologies, and more. Consultancies can span industries and therefor specific use case examples are slightly harder to pinpoint but could include geo-targeting of business and residential locations. Other industries that could utilize telecom data can include but are not limited to gaming networks and urban planning.

Why Your Company Needs Telecom Data

Your organization or company needs to utilize telecom data to make better-informed decisions and acquire the epitome of business intelligence. Specific telecommunications information leads organizations to be more prepared, better informed, and monitor management actions. For specific case uses and to learn if your company could directly benefit from telecom data, contact the experts at GeoTel.

Author: Valerie Stephen