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Windstream Expanding in Northern Georgia

Windstream Expanding in Northern Georgia

It is a known fact that the telecom world is dominated by a few telecom giants, followed by smaller vendors. These remaining vendors can be classified as Tier 2 and Tier 3 vendors. Can you take a guess as to whom the Tier 1 vendors are? Yep, you got it! It is Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, etc. A vendor that probably fits somewhere between the Tier 1 and the Tier 2 category is that of Windstream Communications.

This company is also continuing to expand as well (with the hopes of getting that Tier 1 classification). In a press release that came out last week, the company announced that it is expanding into Northern Georgia. It will be offering a new service – high-speed Internet access. As a result, potential customers in this region will now be offered 1 Gbps fiber optic speeds. 

Windstream actually has a footprint in this geographic region already, as it also has a number of customers to whom it offers hybrid fiber coaxial cabling services. Once the roll-out of the 1 Gbps is completed, Windstream will have expanded its geographic market share across 13 counties. 

It should be noted that Windstream has always had its mind on the Georgia market, ever since 2014. From then until now, Windstream has spent over $80 million in marketing and research/development in this state alone. In 2016, Windstream spent another $38 million just upgrading Internet speeds to its existing customer base.

Another major reason for Windstream to expand into north Georgia is to also help the local government municipalities realize faster Internet speeds. According to Tony Thomas, the CEO of Windstream: “the reality is, there is a local fire department that is unable to adequately serve the community because of poor [Internet] connections… There are people who are unable to operate businesses, or work from home, because of unreliable service. This is unacceptable.”

(blog source: Windstream extends 1 Gbps service to North Georgia, looks to overcome slow speed perception)

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Valerie Stephen