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Wireless Networking for Healthcare Facilities

Wireless Networking for Healthcare Facilities

  When it comes to wireless networking solutions in the healthcare industry, implementing systems that meet the field’s unique needs requires frequently upgrading network infrastructure. From security concerns to practical limitations, health care presents administrators and tech specialists with various concerns they must keep in mind. These include connectivity issues, security concerns, and effective network management solutions.

With all of that said, wireless networking has come a long way over the past few years. Today, there are several networking solutions for healthcare facilities from various telecommunications companies.


Aerohive is one of the most commonly utilized wireless networking solutions in the healthcare industry. This vendor is a particularly good choice if one of the biggest needs to be met is the seamless connection of remote campuses and offices, regardless of the size of the company in question. That means that even if you have many small offices scattered throughout a particular state or country, users will have access to a unified database of information and files.


Another important networking solution to keep in mind is Cisco. Cisco emphasizes the importance of improving patient outcomes through the improvement of IT infrastructure. If you’re interested in a wireless solution that seeks to transform your infrastructure in order to support the increasing number of medical devices that can be connected to one another, then Cisco is one of the best options around. They’re also a great option when it comes to ensuring that cybersecurity concerns are moderated.

Ruckus (Brocade)

Another useful networking solution for the healthcare field is Ruckus, recently acquired by Brocade. This particular vendor offers a service that focuses on both flexibilities as well as security, meaning that users don’t have to sacrifice agility and ease of use for superior security options. It should be noted that Brocade/Ruckus focuses on providing their clients with a system that is centered around the patient. This helps ensure that the technology an organization adopts is aligned with its care model, whether that be value-based or otherwise.

When it comes to healthcare infrastructure and wireless networking, the options can be both overwhelming and confusing. The best option is to consider the specific needs of the organization in question when selecting a proven, established vendor.

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