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Fiber Saves Money on New Buildings

Fiber Saves Money on New Buildings

When a local Denver-based high-tech startup learned that Colorado is 21st in the nation for Internet speeds, they decided to help. Open since 1995, launched a plan to provide Denver area businesses and residences with the Internet speeds they need to compete globally in the form of gigabit fiber services.

“This is an exciting time for to finally offer its community the fastest Internet speeds at affordable prices,” said computer networking and telecommunications engineer, Jawaid Bazyar on IT Business Net. “The key benefits are to keep Internet access affordable and globally competitive with extensive peering and its commitment to have no bandwidth caps, no throttling and no hidden charges.”

The service has already rolled out across the Denver metropolitan area and hopes to expand to the Front Range and Western Slope areas. After launching their fiber service, the company quickly saw a rise in demand, specifically from real estate owners, developers and managers, asking to link entire properties and buildings to the fiber network.

As property owners and managers continue to demand fast Internet connectivity because it can lure in tenants to their buildings, has started offering to hook up entire buildings without fiber connectivity to their fiber gigabit services. Yet, the real savings can be found with new building construction. When builders arrange to run fiber during pre-construction planning, fiber optic lines can be installed at a fraction of the cost.

“There is a demand for gigabit speeds with higher bandwidth consumption online,” Bazyar said. “Gigabit fiber from a local company here to support its clients can provide our customers the power and support that they need at a price that is comparable to a fraction of the speed.”

If you are in the pre-construction phase of a building and are interested in having it lit with fiber, GeoTel Communications’ fiber maps and broadband maps can save you money in installation costs.  Through our fiber network maps, fiber lit buildings, and other fiber data sets, we help analyze local fiber infrastructure and show which carriers have a fiber presence, so you can decide how best to enhance your high-speed connectivity needs. Call GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172 for a customized quote.

Valerie Stephen