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Worldwide Telecommunications Directory

The Worldwide Telecommunications Directory, or Telecommunications Carrier Directory, provides the telecom companies for countries worldwide, as well as a point of contact. The Telecommunications Carrier Directory lists the country, company name, type of provider, and their contact information. Locating a telecommunications data provider is a click away and allows the user to avoid exiting his/her GIS application to attempt to locate fiber contacts or a carrier and the point of contact.

How the Worldwide Telecommunications Directory can be utilized

Quickly locate a carrier’s contact phone number or website.

Benefits of the Worldwide Telecommunications Directory

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageConnect to a carrier’s website to see additional services they may offer

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageContact a carrier via phone to determine available services

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageSince this is a dataset outside of the GIS Software, you can search for carrier’s information without interrupting your work

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