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Zayo Debuts SD-WAN Enterprise Solution

Zayo Debuts SD-WAN Enterprise Solution

Zayo Group recently debuted its software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) as part of its enterprise services and solutions.

Zayo will offer SD-WAN as part of its fiber-based enterprise solutions aimed at delivering efficiency and flexibility in network transformation.

What is WAN?

A wide area network (WAN) covers a significantly large area and is used to connect multiple networks within this area to each other. The size of the area can be limited to one single building or can span a country. Businesses around the world are experiencing significant growth, and easy management of their networks across multiple locations is crucial.

SD-WAN for Businesses

SD-WAN gives businesses the ability to connect multiple networks using the cloud for connectivity instead of routing hardware. For businesses with multiple locations, it is becoming an increasingly popular solution for keeping all locations connected. If a business has headquarters located in one state, they can easily connect with their remote locations.

According to Zayo, SD-WAN provides users the ability to control their network through portal access. They can connect additional locations as needed, increase the performance of their network during peak productivity times, and monitor network performance across all locations. Currently, Zayo offers two packages to consumers. With their extensive range of WAN services, a software-defined wide area network service enhances Zayo’s enterprise portfolio even further.

“Zayo’s SD-WAN makes WAN management easier and more efficient,” said Mike Strople, president of Zayo Enterprise Networks. Zayo joins communications providers such as Comcast and Verizon in SD-WAN solutions. “With over 126,000 miles of fiber and over 24,000 on-net buildings,” Zayo has the infrastructure available to support medium and large businesses with multiple locations giving them leverage against their competitors.

Zayo’s new SD-WAN solution will reshape enterprise networks. According to Fierce Telecom, “one of the key points for Zayo going forward is how it will use SD-WAN as a new growth engine inside its enterprise services business.”

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by Sarah Pereau | 10 Jan 2018

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