Central Office Locations

Central Office Locations are the main office of the local exchange carrier; they are typically buildings where the lines of end users are joined to switching equipment that connects other end users to each other, both locally and via long distance carriers. Central Office locations house telecom hubs and switches. This GIS telecom product includes location information, as well as the telecommunications companies and equipment hosted in the facility. Central Office Locations are available for the entire United States or by CBSAs.

Attributes & Table Structure

The Central Office Locations layer contains the following attributes:

CBSA – Metropolitan Statistical Area
LATA – Number assigned to the LATA boundary
Longitude – Decimal Degrees Longitude (NAD83)
Latitude – Decimal Degrees Latitude (NAD83)
Company – The name of the Service Provider
Switch – Switch ID
Equipment type- Equipment specifications
Address – Street address
Building – The name of the building
City – City
State – State of the United States
ZIP – US Postal Zip Code
Market – Major City
Type – Type of telecom provider
ID – GeoTel record identification number


Coverage includes the U.S. 50 states; D.C.


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