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$13B from Google will help the U.S in 2019

$13B from Google will help the U.S in 2019

What is Google doing with 13B dollars?

Google corporate executive Sundar Pichai said on Wednesday that Google will invest nearly $13 billion throughout 2019 in knowledge centers and offices across the U. S. with major expansions in fourteen states. Google will be in 24 states which includes data centers in 13 communities. This will be the second year in a row that Google will be expanding more outside California than within it. Google corporate executive Sundar Pichai stated, “2019 marks the second year in a row we’ll be growing faster outside of the Bay Area than in it.”. Also, Google announced that they hired 10,000 people in the last year during their expansion. The hiring will continue to increase this year with the construction of new offices and data centers. So why is Google looking to expand? Google wants to show everyone that they are not limited just in the bay area, but instead want to diversify its locations.

Google also announced plans to expand its presence in Chicago, while creating new data centers in Ohio and Nebraska. Google will also be expanding on the east coast by opening a new data center and office in Virginia. “And with a new office in Georgia, our workforce will double there as well,” Pichai said. “Data centers in Oklahoma and South Carolina will expand, and we’re developing a new office and data center in Texas.Sundar Pichai also stressed the importance of renewable energy. “As part of our commitment to our 100 percent renewable energy purchasing, we’re also making significant renewable energy investments in the U.S. as we grow.” They started by reaching an agreement with the Tennessee Valley Authority to purchase several new solar farms. Google wants to be known as eco-friendly, and right now, they are on the right path with all of the developing expansions across the United States.

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Valerie Stephen