What You Need to Know About 5G Technology

5G is being tested as we speak, with download speeds of 4.5 gigabits a second, the waiting days are over.

There is going to be a seismic shift in technology in 2019. Our wireless systems will have an instant upgrade in a couple of months. How can this be you might ask? It’s called 5G. So, what is 5G technology? 5G stands for fifth-generation cellular networks. This new “5G” network will make 4G a thing of the past. Qualcomm, one of the leading providers of telecommunications equipment, has shown 5G at its peak can have download speeds of 4.5 gigabits a second. This basically means 5G will be around 20 times faster than 4G. One will be able to download movies in seconds with 5G instead of the minutes it took with 4G.

5G will also revolutionize the way sports and video games are shown and played. User experience for video games will become more advanced and in turn, bring about more tournaments. More tournaments on the horizon mean more sponsors, which in turn will make the industry more lucrative for gamers. Furthermore, many believe that 5G will bring in the necessary speed to produce better AI and other technologies. With many people opting to upgrade their home into a “smart home” the 5G will bring about the fastest commands allowed.

So, when is 5G going to be here? For United States smartphone users, the second quarter is the target as of now. However, much can change in a short time. Both AT&T and Verizon have started to roll out initial plans. They are both limiting it to just a couple of cities like Indianapolis, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Houston. Sprint and T-Mobile are targeting a 2020 5G launch, and they believe to be installing gear to about 30 cities in 2019. To install the necessary gear required to run 5G companies are in need of fiber optic maps. For instance, GeoTel’s TeleTracker can provide the necessary mapping of fiber connections based on location input.

Consumer Technology Association has predicted 1 billion in revenue for 5G smartphones in 2019. In addition, there will be around 2 million 5G smartphones sold this year. By the year 2022, Consumer Technology Association predicts that 76% of smartphones sold in the US will have 5G capabilities.

Time will tell if 5G will live up to its hype. One thing is certain, get ready for faster speeds and better user experience. That alone will make anyone happy, because who wants to wait anymore.

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