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New York Welcomes AT&T 5G

New York Welcomes AT&T 5G

AT&T 5GAT&T 5G is rolling out in New York City ahead of rival telecom companies.

The AT&T 5G network went live recently in New York City. Initially, this service will be limited to areas around the city and to certain customers. Developers and Business customers can expect lower latency and additional capacity as what the company has labeled 5G+. The lucky consumers who receive this service can expect super-fast speeds within a limited range of the certain areas. Some of the specific New York City areas include Gramercy Park, East Village, and Greenwich Village.

You may be curious why these areas or why New York City specifically. AT&T President, Amy Kramer, explained her reasoning for these decisions. She believes that New York City possesses certain attributes that other U.S. cities may be lacking in.

Why New York City Receives AT&T 5G

  • Entertainment and Global Business Hub
  • Dense Population
  • Eager Customersatt 5g

Kramer even stated, “While we are pleased to take the first step today in NYC, we maintain that the City is in critical need of a strategy that allows wireless carriers to add capacity where it’s most needed – particularly in densely populated and trafficked areas – in order for 5G to reach its full potential for our customers.”

Some of the previous cities to receive 5G include Orlando, San Francisco, Nashville, Austin, and Los Angeles. Not all AT&T customers in these areas have access to the advanced network. Fortunately, the company plans to offer 5G devices to all its customers in all accessible cities in the near future.

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