Fiber Lit Buildings

The Fiber Lit Buildings dataset shows which carriers have a fiber presence or optical switches connected to a fiber loop inside a building. The GIS telecom data product delivers over approximately 1,500,000 fiber lit buildings in US Markets and has twelve attributes per building. Additionally, a link ID is provided for reporting and database development. Sources for development include: obtaining information from carriers directly, internet research, and other third party sources. The data is geocoded to digital street databases and is viewed as a layer in GIS software (ESRI and/or MapInfo). From this layer, you know which telecom provider is located in which building. Companies use this data for making site location decisions. Many other GIS telecom products and data layers can be added to further enhance analysis such as combining with fiber routes, and business location data. The Fiber Lit Building dataset also allows service providers to create actionable sales leads targeting specific competitor locations.

Benefits of Fiber Lit Buildings

Competitive analysis by leveraging GeoTel’s CLEC Reports that identifies existing carriers and targets new carriers that may enter in to a new market helps define 360 view of competition

Matching Fiber Lit Building to IP address database for market targeting and segmentation analysis

Real Estate appraisals

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