TeleTracker Overview

The world elite telecommunications infrastructure mapping tool, TeleTracker, offers users of all experience levels the ability to know the fiber landscape. Trusted by top brands worldwide and backed by GeoTel’s precise, powerful GIS telecom data. This SaaS platform contains the largest telecom location-based database available on the market. The inclusion of all leading telecom carriers to the most rural small business providers promotes a pinpoint accurate digital twin of the telecommunications infrastructure. There is no competition comparable to the scale that this solution can offer to an organization.

teletracker 3d buildings
teletracker line of sight

TeleTracker promotes hard to find data all collected and available by the click of a button. Showcasing 5G specific necessary data to assist in essential business decisions and predictive analytics. Trusted by national-level government agencies to local city government entities. Integrated, analyzed, automated data manageable and allocated from trusted sources. Your organization deserves the best, your organization deserves GeoTel.

This tool collects and manages all your telecom data needs. Extract invaluable business insights from the telecom infrastructure essential for business operations. Constructions companies seeking fiber routes, real estate agencies needing fiber lit building maps, cell tower entities seeking the most up-to-date cell tower location data and more can find the answers with TeleTracker. GeoTel offers one of the most accurate telecom databases available.


On net, near net, to the right of way exact fiber routes. The most data-centric, data-rich fiber maps available. From dense metro city information to rural isolated data points.

teletracker fiber routes fiber lit buildings

TeleTracker 4.0 utilizes the most advanced technology on the market with daily data updates, tool feature upgrades, and continuous data verification installation.


  • Real-time business data precision
  • Geographic elevation comparability
  • Extensive carrier fiber route data
  • Trusted fiber optic maps
  • Large scale address searchability
  • Detailed provider info
  • Pinpoint cell tower locatable tracking
  • Carrier route locator in all regions

  • Competitive analytics
  • Constant Data centers updates
  • Customizable data uploads
  • Professional reporting functionality
  • Personalized data uploads
  • Comprised information unavailable on any other platform
  • Enhanced real time data referencing
  • Trusted expert intel

  • Fiber performance insights
  • Advanced mapping technologies
  • API connectivity
  • Predictive analytics
  • Business insight
  • Competitive analysis
  • Detailed and customizable reporting
  • Detailed provider information


  • Fiber maps
  • Fiber routes (Long haul, middle haul)
  • Data visualization in 2D, 3D, & 4D
  • Firmographics
  • Pricing
  • 3D buildings modification
  • Geo-surveyed terrain
  • Fiber lit buildings including data centers, central offices, color
  • Cell tower latitude and longitude
  • 5G infrastructure assist search

  • AI modeling
  • Computer learning capabilities
  • Worldwide telecom directory
  • Point to point measuring
  • On scale precision
  • Carrier locator
  • Provider database
  • Fiber broadband, terrestrial, wireless
  • Submarine cables and landings
  • Necessary area codes

  • Nationwide wire centers
  • Cable operating areas
  • On roof antennae location
  • Area code specific info
  • Georeferencing
  • Bookmark capabilities
  • Advanced location search capabilities
  • Screenshot enabled
  • International submarine cables and landings
  • And hundreds of other features you will see when a product demonstration is requested…