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Fiber Optic Cable to Enhance Asia

Fiber Optic Cable to Enhance Asia

Will one high-performance fiber optic cable enhance connectivity?

fiber optic cableThe fiber connectivity in North and Southeast Asia is about to get a massive upgrade. The consortium of Asia-Pacific network operators signed an agreement with NEC Corporation to build a high-performance submarine cable (SJC2) connecting Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Korea, and Japan. The consortium of Asia-Pacific network operators is in charge of developing and sustain networks in the Asia-Pacific region. So why was NEC Corporation picked to build the high-performance cable? NEC Corporation was picked because they are known around the world to be a leading provider in manufacturing submarine cables since 1935. They have the necessary advanced technology and know-how to produce the high-performance cable.

The 10,500-kilometer fiber optic cable will be completed by the end of 2020. The cable can feature up to eight fiber pairs of high capacity optical fiber with initial style capability of one hundred forty-four Terabits per second, roughly the equivalent of streaming 5.76 million ultra-high definition videos per second. Its high capability permits it to support high information measure intensive necessities like the Internet of Things, robotics, analytics and artificial or video game applications.

There will be many companies contributing to the SJC2 cable build. The main companies include China Mobile International; Chuan Wei; Chunghwa Telecom; Facebook; KDDI; Singtel; SK Broadband; and VNPT. In addition, NEC will be the supplier for the advanced optical fiber according to a statement from NEC’s Senior Vice President Mr. Atsuo Kawamura. “NEC is honored to be selected by the SJC2 Consortium as the supplier for the most advanced optical fiber submarine cable system, landing at eleven locations across nine countries and regions. SJC2 is designed so that once completed, it can carry at least 18Tbps of capacity per fiber pair. The robust and flexible design will enable SJC2 to cope with future changes in capacity demands.”

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Valerie Stephen