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GeoTel Invests in Orlando Partnership

GeoTel Invests in Orlando Partnership

GeoTel Communications, LLC and Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) announced GeoTel’s investment to help create broad-based regional prosperity.

The strategic partnership will help create high-wage, high-value jobs, expand Central Florida’s global reach and competitiveness, support and enhance educational/skills preparedness in the talent pipeline, strengthen advocacy for improved infrastructure and community resources, and create an enviable quality of life that is broad-based and sustainable.

GeoTel Communications and OEP aim to further the Central Florida community and economic development opportunities by attracting new companies and helping existing companies expand, providing resources and opportunities, and advancing critical public policy and advocacy issues relating to transportation, talent, and more.

GeoTel Communications with CEO Dave Drazen is proud to invest in an organization whose initiatives are dedicated to our great community and creating an environment where businesses can thrive.


Valerie Stephen