How to prepare your business for 5G

By GeoTel Communications

With telecom companies across the globe racing to integrate 5G connectivity, is your business prepared?

It would appear that lately, every telecom and tech news outlet is reporting that different companies are planning to unveil 5G connectivity. More powerful than the current 4G or LTE internet connections, 5G connectivity comes with the promise of “Smart Cities” and instantaneous download speeds.  Yet, with a more powerful connection comes with the pressure to update one’s corporate software to match. The underlying motivator being a fear of competitors ascertaining a stronger connection.

Because of this, fiber optic mapping applications such as GeoTel’s TeleTracker have become symbiotic with a company’s ability to implement 5G connectivity. The SaaS product works to analyze location’s fiber connections based on the user’s specific inputs.  By giving users access to personalized data collections, companies are able to generate high definition and 3D maps of their business ventures.

Thus, when a company is poised to enable 5G within their corporation, TeleTracker allows them to figuratively and literally “map out” their next move. An understanding of 5G capability and an area’s fiber routes are capable of much more than 5G as well. Faster speeds, stronger telecom connections and a better understanding of new by resources can all be found through TeleTracker. If your company is interested in utilizing GeoTel’s TeleTracker into their business model, click HERE.