The NBA Get Its Own Fiber-Optic Network Map

fiber-optic network map

Fiber-optic network maps are essential to run a good portion of businesses. If you are a basketball fan, thanks to new additions to various maps, you have some great viewing experiences coming your way.

All 29 NBA arenas are getting a fiber-optic-upgrade thanks to Verizon. There are 30 teams, but the Staples Center is home to two different teams. What exactly does a fiber-optic network mean for all the NBA arenas?

Fiber-Optic Network Map Improvements

The arenas will benefit from creating their own fiber-optic network map by improving fan experiences. Two separate 1000G circuits of fiber will run through each arena. These circuits will result in a boosted bandwidth and improved network redundancy, affecting fans in the arena and those viewing from an outside source. The improved network will also allow the NBA to provide 1080p resolution broadcasts and support numerous advanced cameras in arenas. This upgrade is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2020 and will increase current arenas’ bandwidth by tenfold.

The promised fiber-optic network map addition will allow the NBA to broadcast in HD and other advanced viewing options. High definition is not the only viewing option that fans will be able to enjoy. In 2018, the NBA broadcasted two major conference games with the option of virtual reality viewing. This upcoming year fans can expect more.

HDR and VRfiber-optic network maps

A new deal with AT&T will provide NBA fans with a broadcasting experience like no year before. The deal consists of 13 broadcasts of games in 4k HDR or high dynamic resolution with the accompaniment of an option for virtual reality or VR. According to Sports Video Group, fans may also get the chance to experience mixed reality and various forms of immersive gaming technologies. This will not just be for NBA fans but will also cover the NBA G League, NBA 2K League, USA Basketball, and the WNBA. Fans of these groups can expect the changes to begin during the 2019 NBA All-Star game.

Dan Rossomondo, business and media development, SVP of the NBA stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with one of the world’s leading communications and technology companies, with a slate of activities tipping off during NBA All-Star. AT&T will help create unique experiences for the diverse fan bases represented across all of our leagues.”

Thanks to the NBA partnering with two major telecommunication companies, all fans can experience a more involved and higher quality gaming experience in the upcoming year.

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Author: Valerie Stephen