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Grants Are Expanding Fiber Network Maps for Rural Communities

Grants Are Expanding Fiber Network Maps for Rural Communities

network maps for ruralFiber network maps for rural communities are expanding thanks to government grants.

For years certain communities have struggled with failed telecom projects. However, fiber network maps for rural areas are about to expand thanks to state grants. These middle mile and last mile projects will bring long-overdue connectivity to the corresponding communities in various states.

Network Maps for Rural Minnesota

Minnesota’s goal for 2020 is high-speed connectivity with universal access. The state has been awarded the Border-to-Border Development Grant Program over $23 million to assign to various projects. According to KEYC News, these projects will serve a total of 1,253 houses and 417 farms or businesses that are currently unserved or underserved.

Fortunately, Minnesota is not the only state that has turned to grant funding to serve the rural areas.

Colorado Takes Matters into Its Own Hands

In the past few years, Colorado has been expecting vast connectivity upgrades from big companies that were never completed because the project areas were deemed unprofitable. The Northwest Colorado Council of Governments has recently been leveraging federal and state grants to bring connectivity to that area, which they deem as a necessity, not a luxury.

A charter school in Routt County is a sad example of a poor connection in rural areas. The school has a combination connection of satellite internet and DSL, whereas houses in the area have to rely on dial-up and that is only if they can access the internet. The school also has faced financial burdens from empty company promises because after the school paid to have fiber laid for a hookup, the telecom company backed out. To avoid this from happening to more businesses and residents, grants will go directly to assisting those who have no or poor internet connection.

Although Colorado will not have as big of funds as Minnesota, the state can still ensure it will see fiber network map expansion with $5 million per year over the next five years.

Other States Receive Federal Grants

Rural Virginia is also using state assistance with a $48 million investment in broadband for the 2020 year. This network map expansion will cover over 22,000 homes in commonwealth areas. Some states are also getting granted help from the USDA. Arkansas will receive over $7 million for two large broadband projects and North Dakota has secured nearly $23 million from the USDA for its rural communities.

While states race to ensure they are fully connected, your company can access the most up-to-date location-based telecom data available by contacting GeoTel. To learn more, you can call 407-788-8888.

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