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Network Security is a Necessity. Are you Prepared?

Network Security is a Necessity. Are you Prepared?

network securityNetwork security is a necessity when everyday life is so intertwined with the worldwide web.

There are 4 main trends taking the tech world by storm – digital twins, extensive 5G, enhanced services, and increased network security. Government organizations faced security issues last year from malice attacks against their networks that caused cities millions in damages and recovery. To avoid this issue from happening again, security needs to get tighter and be evaluated regularly.

An Organization’s Network Security is Everything

Government organizations are not the only ones whose network security is being threatened. Some of a company’s most privately-held data is on its computer network – including trade secrets, user data, company recipes, etc. Companies tend to spend a hefty amount on security measures and protection platforms, but data breaches are still on the rise. Security programs are smart, but some illicit hackers are smarter. If a data breach does occur, then companies funnel millions of dollars into patching up the problem or retrieving the lost information.

If a company is already spending hundreds on privacy protection, then how do these breaches still occur?

How Do Hacks Happen?

Sometimes there is a ‘hole’ for a hacker to crawl through and sometimes someone leaves the door open. There are 10 common ways companies get hacked.

  1. Phishing and Email Engineering
  2. Web Downloaded Infections (e.g. pop-ups)
  3. Hardware Malware Infection (e.g. USB)
  4. Remote Network Vulnerability Scanning
  5. Reverse Engineering Passwords
  6. Compromised Wi-Fi
  7. Theft of Credentials
  8. Compromised Web Databases
  9. Password Reset hijacks
  10. Company Traitors/Cyber Spies

There is a copious amount of threats to companies and data protection is essential.

Securing A Networkcyber network security

There are a few ways that a company can protect itself from network breaches. Some companies employ human penetration testers or hackers paid to find network faults. Another option is utilizing breach simulation tools and breach notification platforms to help protect and warn companies of an incoming threat. However, these options can be extremely pricey and time-consuming.

A company called GuardiCore has established a free and thorough option. Infection Monkey is a new penetration testing tool for companies to use to test exploits and security mistakes. This tool is free to deploy and can search for common mistakes or be personalized to detect specific issues and test issues or test certain attributes a company may be worried about or want to test.

Data is extremely important to protect, especially when you have access to valuable, real-time data. GeoTel Communications offers the most accurate, updated telecommunications location-based data, definitely worth protecting. Protect your company and provide your company with quality data. Contact GeoTel today.

Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen