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NFL and NBA Partner with ADARA for Tech Data Software

NFL and NBA Partner with ADARA for Tech Data Software

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ADARA is using its data software and cloud products to help benefit the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

For nationally recognized sports teams, understanding your fan’s wants and delivering them quickly are pertinent to success. One of the best ways of doing this is by allocating important tech data and applying it in the proper manner.

The technological cloud company, ADARA, claims that its “data, technology and services deliver critical intelligence that drives personalization and relevance throughout the customer journey for sustainable growth.”  The company generally works with big travel brands such as Marriot, Hyatt, and American Airlines. However, travel brands are not the only companies whose clients travel.

Tech Data for the NFL and NBA

Just last Friday ADARA announced that it will be working with the NFL and the NBA. The specific teams that will be partnering with the tech data giant will be the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans.

The decision to engage and evaluate in production use cases came after the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans participated in a real-time demonstration of ADARA performance-based cloud software overextended infrastructure in the AWS Public Cloud.”

Destination Marketing

One of the biggest challenges major entertainment sports teams face is proper destination marketing. Destination marketing is the promotion of a specific location to potential visitors. When the location of your team is changing every week, it is imperative that your fans are informed and engaged to attend games and generate revenue.

ADARA is capable of providing such insightful travel data due to its marketing technology. ADARA allows the New Orleans teams to have real-time tech data from monitoring and harnessing predictive analytics to allow for making smarter data-driven business decisions.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen